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Multiblock, a static site generator


Sync block and mute lists over multiple Mastodon accounts.


GPLv3 or later. See LICENSE for the actual text.

Why though?

I have so many accounts and so do many of the people I’d rather not see on my timeline. Keeping each account up to date manually is hard work that’d I’d rather not do.

Can I use this to share my block list with others?

No, Multiblock requires read/write access to each account it’s linked to and syncs bidirectionally. That means their changes propagate to your account and your changes propagate back to them. In Multiblock every account is equal in authority.

What’s the status of this project?

We’re just getting started.


I’m always looking for contributions, whether they be bug reports, bug fixes, feature requests, new features, or documentation. Also, feel free to open issues for support requests too - these are very helpful in showing me where documentation is required or needs improving.

Code Of Conduct

The Multiblock project has adopted the Contributor Covenant Code version 1.4. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

The full text of the code of conduct can be found here

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